Dr. Tim Neavin – Bevery Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Neavins’ Philosophy is to "keep it safe and natural". The goal of cosmetic surgery is ultimately to achieve satisfaction. If this goal isn’t met, regardless of how "precise" or "perfect" the procedure, then Dr. Neavin won’t be satisfied.

He is compassionate for his patients, passionate of his work, and an artist and perfectionist with the needle or scalpel. For these reasons patients fly from all over the country and world for his work. Accommodations for travelers can be arranged through the office.

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Male Procedures

Our practice is dedicated to helping men re-gain confidence. We are able to provide Hair Transplants, Penis Enlargement, Gynecomastia, and more…

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Dedicated to Perfection

As one of the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Dr. Tim Neavin strives to give the best care for his patients. His attention to detail and love for his practice allows him to continue giving results that patients dream of.

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